Merci’s Ultimate Protection

We are very into white light magic.  In fact, we rarely offer dark items.  Sometimes we offer dual magic, but very rarely do we offer dark magic items.  This is an angelic protection item that steers evil and darkness from your life.  Each angel is custom conjured into each piece.  What the angel does is then creates an energy around a person that serves as an impenetrable shied.  Nothing will be allowed to enter that your angel does not approve of.  When you get this piece, it automatically cleanses you.  It will omit all evil from your life, even it it needs to exorcise you of any negative energy or demons that might be leeching off of your life force.  All holes will be filled with pure white light and the shield will be activated.  This is one of the most powerful angelic beings that I have ever experienced in my time of working with the paranormal or metaphysical entities.  You want this one!