Meema’s Midas Touch

This is an extreme wealth item, but it is not the same type of wealth item that you will be accustom to, because this actually gives a changing affect on the body.  This piece implants its power into you through a direct energetic transfer of power.  This transfer is a direct result of the way the piece reacts with your own energies.  Rather than seek out the wealth for you, it re-creates your body as a wealth being.  These beings are the same type of beings that were put in charge of guarding ancient treasures in Atlantis.  These treasures are still guarded til this day.  I can’t prove this to you, because it’s not something that can be proven.  These wealth beings are so good at gaining wealth and protecting it, that the treasures have been hidden for eternity.  There a few select individuals– I call them individuals, because they aren’t exactly human– that can gain access to the treasures.

The point is that this piece re-creates you as a wealth being.  You won’t even need to carry the piece with you, once you have undergone the re-creation, the wealth powers will be embedded into you.  You don’t have to rely on a piece or spirit to do the magic for you.  You will become a wealth magnet and where you go so will wealth.   You will acquire wealth from everywhere around you.  It will simply come to you naturally, through the powers that will now be embedded into you.  This is why I say you don’t have to rely on anything else, because you will become the wealth being that attracts the money.  It’s like you will be walking, talking, living, breathing, wealth magnet.  There’s no way you won’t accrue serious wealth when using this item for its re-creation powers!