Holy of Holies Djinn

The first of these items is capable of conjuring a djinn.  These aren’t just any djinn, but an entity that is known as the Holy of Holies djinn.  They were made by a holy magician and sorcerer of the paranormal that has descended into the Holy of Holies and came back with this source of extremely religious magic.  These items have to be made by one person in particular, because you have to be really religious and white light oriented to enter the Holy of Holies or else you will be killed.  You will die immediately!!  The Holy of Holies is a section in the temple where only the highest priests who work in the High Temple, are allowed to enter.  They must be wearing their full garb and breast plates, as this is what provides them with the magic to go supernatural spelunking.

When they are in the Holy of Holies, the priests are given the ability to communicate with the djinn that have been created by God to guard it.  These djinn were given to the high priests, just as Solomon was given djinnto help him build the holy temple.  However these djinn are much more powerful.  They are so powerful, in fact, that even Solomon couldn’t obtain one from God.  They were reserved for this special sanctuary, the Holy of Holies, for when it was completely constructed and put into play.  This is the common room that has been filled with magic and allows only the High Priests to communicate directly with God.  Thus, in order to enter the Holy of Holies, one must be super religious or they will die quicker than Lot’s wife was turned into a pillar of salt.

Now, it may have come to the point where you begin to wonder what these djinn can do for you?  To which, my response would be, what can these djinn not do for you.  These pieces have been made by the sorcerer who has made batches of these items for us from time to time– about once per year.  We used to only offer them on places like eBay and other paranormal auctions, but we have decided that we should make these pieces available for everyone, especially considering the End Times are nigh and now is the time to prepare.  If you are prepper, then this piece definite a must have for you.

This piece allows you to do anything.  You can create wealth with wealth spells and money spells. You can create true love with love spells.  If you want to astral travel on metaphysical plains, then this piece will do that for you, as well.  If you want to time-travel to other points in time, or travel into space along the space-time continuum, it will do that.  It will help you perfect any craft that you already practice including witch craft or voodoo, because it will amplify whatever piece you are working with by at least ten times, if not more.  It just depends on how powerful the original the piece is.  If you want to travel to Heaven, to see the crystal pyramids, then this piece is for you.  If you want to travel to creepy hollows that have never before been discovered, this is also your opportunity.  If you want to open up your third-eye or crown chakra to gain a fully psychic awakening, then this piece will also work for you.  I know I’m making it kind of long and drawn out, but I know somebody is going to send an email asking what this piece will do for them.  There is no need as this piece does everything.  It’s as simple as that– it will literally do anything.

PRICE:  $5000.00