Full Blooming of The Mind

This is another Haunted Curiosities exclusive.  You will not see any of these anywhere else.  They are only made for us once a year by a sorceress that we met in Denmark.  She is obviously an immortal, as are most of the people that we work with when we are making our exclusive magic.  Her name is Olga and she has been doing her magic for centuries upon centuries.  The reason her enchanted items are so powerful is because she has actually crossed the rainbow bridge to Valhalla, which is the Heaven that the ancient Norse reside in.  She has received the blessing of the ancient magic of the Norse warriors who fell during battle and of the Norse gods.

Olga makes these items for us once a year.   Recently, we worked with her to make these pieces.  The reason for this is that she finds that her powers work much better when she makes them during the Spring Equinox, which is when these pieces were made.  She finds that her powers are more direct and forceful during this time, so we always do it during these times just to guarantee that you are receiving the most forceful magic possible.  They are rare gems of power and magic that, again, you will not find any other metaphysical seller offering because they are made exclusively for us.

These pieces have been made in magic rituals and the powers have been activated through the natural energies found in blood, lightning, salt, and water.  They work together with the alkalized materials in your own body to create a direct current that will open up your 3rd Eye.  We call these pieces the Blooming of the Mind.  It gives you a complete and total metaphysical transformation that will align all of your chakras and open up your 3rd eye.  It is a full awakening with no exclusions.  This brings about any power that you want.  This is the blessing that Olga has received from Valhalla and the fallen warriors.  With this awakening you gain a full psychic ability all at once.  This will afford you the typical psychic abilities such a precognition, mediumship, telekinesis, astral travel, time travel, etc.  The thing that is special about these pieces is the fact that you will be able to actually use your psychic abilities to create your own power.  It doesn’t matter what power you want, you will be able to create it using the transformation this piece creates for you.  It is literally a Full Blooming of the Mind!