Custom Conjuring

We offer full custom conjuring and spirit creation.  You can pick who you want to conjure into a piece, or what type of spirit you wish to create.  These spirits can be used for a variety of reasons.  You can use them for their magical abilities.  You can use them to create new magical and metaphysical abilities for you.  They will give them to you, whether you conjure a being that already has powers or you choose to create one with specific abilities in mind.

We also do custom creation of sex/companion spirits.  This is done based on your astral chart and what type of spirit would be best for you.  We also take your personality and sexual appetite into account.  We are expert sex spirit conjurers!  Trust me.  If you like metaphysical sex, then this is the service for you.  If you want your ass spanked and your hair pulled, that’s fine.  If you want slow and passionate that’s fine too.  Maybe you don’t even want sex.  Maybe you just want someone to sit and listen and we can do that.  With this, we do have to know you birth date and gender, so we can read your charts and make sure that we are creating the perfect, custom, form-fitting spirit for your needs!