Bathory Transformation

We first came cross the hidden vials of blood when we were on an investigation.  The blood was found in mini chalices that were sealed up like vials.  It was strange, because the blood was in perfect condition.  Normally blood becomes congealed when it sits for a long period of time– especially outside of the human body.  This is why scabbing effectively helps cure minor cuts and scrapes.  This blood was in perfect condition, though, like I’ve said.  It was never altered and never aged in any way shape or form.

Each tiny vial of blood was not just blood.  It was actually an ancient elixir of vampiric life.  This doesn’t mean that you get all the powers of a sanguine vampire right off the bat.  Oh no, this piece gives much more powerthan that.  Each chalice of elixir is from the private stock and collection of Elizabeth Bathory.  She hid them before she was found and tried for murder.  She laughed at these people, by the way, at her execution, because she knew that she had already obtained immortality.  What could they possibly do to her that hasn’t already been done.  Did they think that Bathory was the first form she took.  No, I can assure you its not; and it hasn’t been her last.

Her legacy lives on through whomever partakes of the elixir that has been stored in the chalices.  She placed alchemy spells that she learned through becoming an immortal vampire herself, during her life time.  Why not add this power into a piece, you ask?  Because the transformation is absolutely necessary.  We have been working with these powers for some time now.  Short of summoning Bathory herself, we are the only people who know how to activate that is held in the blood.  Ahh, the power of the blood.  Once the transformation is complete, you will not only gain all the power’s of one of Bathory’s original Changeling vampires (or vamps as she like to call them, but you will gain an entire Changeling transformation.  You will become one of the Children of Bathory.    It literally changes your existence into a living, breathing, Bathory transformation.  You will be her love child, kind of like God loves the humans he has made.

What does this mean for you?  To begin with, you are going to gain a complete sanguine transformation.  With this comes full psychic awakening, with every psychic power that you could possibly ever think of.  It allows you into the Vampire Hall of Time and Hall of Records, whereby you will be able to see into the past, all the vampires that ever existed on Earth and to access them for their powers.  With this transformation, you become one of the original immortals who flew across the dark waters of existence, before God spoke the words, “let there be light.”  These are the true vampire forms, because they don’t need to take blood.  They feed of the energies of existence and will be able to turn these energies into any powers that they want.  There are no limits on the power you can obtain with this transformation.  They are one of a kind.

PRICE $150,000