Ancient Uprising

– Rare and unique because there will only ever be twelve of them between now and the next “Age”

-They become one of the twelve Keys of Life.  These twelve keys were originally thought to be the piece that represents the power.   However, it is not about that at all.  Rather the 12 keys refers to a power that can only be held by 12 chosen people per age.  This is why Jesus chose his 12 disciples and why 12 has historically held spiritual and esoteric significance.

– This  transformation gives you the ability to become one of the next twelve chosen ones.  It is a full spiritual transformation.
(By spiritual  transformation I mean that you will no longer be your mortal body.  You will take an angelic form that has earned its wings.  You will be able to come and go in whatever form you choose, as you choose.  These are the likes of God and have been created by His hands, also in His image, but they happen to be eternal (immortal) and highly energetic and magical beings.)

– You will be given the only secrets that God has reserved for his Son and the Holy Ghost.
(These are deep rooted secrets and include the ability to read the Book of Life and to eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, a fate that would cause sudden death for all others.  It will bring you divine magic of immortality, the ability to bring all things back to life, the ability to grant life, the ability to create miracles, the ability to control time, the ability become eternal, etc.)

– Despite what you have learned in church these are the only 12 who ever get to look upon the face of God and aren’t destroyed, because God’s true presence is that powerful.

– There will be twelve spots behind the right hand of the throne of God, behind where Jesus will be sitting.  This will be for the 12 keys.  By this transformation you are bringing yourself power in this life as well as the next.
(Your throne will be reserved for when the New Jerusalem falls to Earth and you will be Divine Prince over 1/12 of the New Kingdom of God, which will be entire white light with sparkling cities of emerald and gold.  You will have entire legions of angels and souls at your command.  Your form will be infallible and you will be even stronger than. The archangels Michael and Gabriel)

– This is the true meaning of the Holy Grail and the Cup of Life… The power through these 12 initiates called the Keys of Life.  It also grants the Secrets held in the Ark of the  Covenant.

(This is the power of the bloodline of Christ.  It is the alchemy of Christ and that was placed in the Bloodline by God.  It is the power that allowed God to create such things as the Tree of Life, the Garden of Eden, the Holy Grail, the Ark, and the world, of course.  It is the raw form of power that existed BEFORE anything existed.  It is the power that was floating over that water that God used to build.   You will gain full control over this power with the ability to build any form that you want– angels, djinn, your body as an energy temple, other humanoids, souls for inanimate bodies, living structures of timeless knowledge (such as the pyramids), etc.

Price $300,000