So after seeing Ron Perlman for 112 hours I did my visit with Victor. I posted about him on this week. It has been at least three years since he has done anything except wandering around in some other dimension. That was my news with him anyway. Then I saw Anthony and he is a creepy weird as ever and I wonder so immortality is wasted on a pot head? I mean wouldn’t you be out doing things and going places? I get it as he says that he has immortality and can do anything at anytime so why rush. I was bored so I left that scene and headed out to go on my investigation.

Sometimes I just don’t feel like going on them. Many of you email me and want to do these things but when you have to do them every day you will chnage your mind. It is not all happy, happy and clean. I get dirty and sometimes I just want to do my hair,nails,etc. My new saying came to me one day after being around a ton of old people,which I like but still. It goes like this ” wash your hair and look pretty because death surrounds you”. I really do feel death surrounds me,all the time. I think it follows me when I eat a hamburger or a cheesesteak,seriously,I’m very much for real. I also need to stop with the fried chicken and fast.

Since these are my experiences with paranormal and haunted investigations I might as well get on with it.  The number is just so I can keep track for this blog,it is by no means all the group has done.

I got a call to go to a cemetery and I turned it down even though I know this one is actually haunted. I don’t care to do it. I have seen other groups go out there and they look really retarded standing around with their arms up and chanting some crazy shit that does nothing. I want no part of that. For the most part grave yards are not haunted. The dead if they decide to linger return to the place they know best, home. So while the grave yard is haunted I still don’t want to disturb the ones that do stay there. Instead I decided to do my own house in NJ and find out exactly what is causing the spirits to be disturbed. For one thing when you do home renovations they really do come out. The history of my house as I new it was false. I knew that it was build in 1861 by a sea captain and that he also served as a funeral director. I also knew that he built many homes in the area,two for his daughters and one for him, the others I was not aware of as to loction. As it was told to me my house was his home and the house next to me for his one daughter. So I was told that he would lay out bodies in the dinning area.  The lady next door told me this was incorrect and that both houses were built for his daughters,one in one house and the other was rented out. Just this week I found secret hiding places for people in the upstairs. The exterminator I called out to attack the spiders found them both, one in the basement and two upstairs hidden in the closets. I will tear them apart this week and see where they go.

The reason I decided to do an investigation was because of the non stop activity. Once in a while is fine and if it is the same spirit,okay but it wasn’t. First there was the guy with the bang, bang in my ear. After that it was a dark hooded figure walking back and forth from the bathroom to the kitchen. Then I had or first had the little girl who is always here and will actually travel with me. The one I really don’t like was an old hag looking spirit that stood by the middle of my bed with her mouth open in a scream but no sound coming out. I told her to get lost,yes I talk to them as I would the living because to me there is no difference. The activity is non stop at this point and I don’t see it coming to an end,unless I want it to.

The lady next door told me to smudge the house but I don’t believe in that,you can just look them in the eye and tell them to get lost. I know this because I do it all the time. It scares them when your not scared.  If your the type who believes in smudging then by all means go ahead but I think they are having a chuckle personally when they watch you move around blowing smoke up your cracks.

So investigate I did. I did the history and I looked all over,set up recorders and video and what I have come up with is I live directly inside a portal. What is great is when you find real physical evidence of what your seeing. I found an old picture with a sampler and it dates to 1861 and shows the little girl who used to live here and her mother and father. I was thrilled!

So what do I do with this open portal that exists in my house? Well I’m not going to close it,I’m going to go through it. I will keep you all updated.

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