Where do some missing people go?

Not many of you know this but I have a license in private investigation which I got in Virgina. I also did my end school thesis on Satanic abuse out of Virginia Beach. I’m also licensed in the state of New Jersey as long as I’m working for an Attorney. What this lady is saying sounds insane but I can assure it is true.


Before I did my report for school I went to my teacher and asked what should I do it on. It was my teacher that led me to the Satanic cult in Virgina Beach. There are real women that are nothing but breeders and I’m not talking about those on welfare that use it as a living either. When the police caught them, ¬†children were in cages and made to eat their own crap, yes it was disgusting. Those were used for every day blood rituals but on certain Satanic holidays people off the streets were used. One of the holidays is the Christian holiday Easter,but that is just one. I have decided to write about this because in the last month of July I have run into so much of this. Mainly it is in one area of NJ that I have been looking into. It all started with Montauk 2 and area in NJ where they took the experiements to an all new level. There are still creatures that run loose and one that holds all the attributes of Satan himself. I met that being,it was not good. I had to have a cleansing ASAP!



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