The hidden agenda of the elite

Listen to the first sentence of this video and tell me has this not happened on my blog talk radio show? Of course it all depends on the show but you will find that when I’m on the radio if things are being said that the NWO doesn’t like,it happens,every time.


Mind control comes in many forms. You get it in school. You get it through symbolism. You get it through the news media. One example is diversion to keep you all dumb. One example is right now as I sit and type this up you are hearing about Cecil the lion and planned parenthood. It’s true these are all good causes BUT did you know that Puerto Rico is about to default? Did you know that first it was Greece and that there is a list that includes the USA for financial collapse? Germany,Spain, New Zealand are all on the list. Did you know that the IMF will meet this October to decide the fate of world money?


The Satanic statue now up for all to view,what do you think about that? Did you know they promote Planned parenthood and that for them goes along with child blood sacrifice? There is so much in the world that we need to learn or rather for those who don’t know whats going on. Watch the video and take what from it you can.


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