From meeting Satan to time travel-4

Bt now you know these are client services we have done and here is the next one. I will add them as I have time.
haunted pocket watch
Itinerary for Time-Travel back meet Confederate Soldier for Treasure
–  This is customer who came to use via a third-party, who has never bought a service from us but has bought many items from  Obviously all names and aliases shall remain anonymous.  We will refer to the client simply as Gregory.
–  At first, the client’s claim seemed to be a bit incredulous, but after doing some of our own background work, we determine that his claim was surprisingly through.  He sent us his request.  We did our interview process.  This together with the fact that we did our own research was the reason why we eventually realized that this kid wasn’t a full of crap as what we originally thought he was.  This is why we agreed to do the service.
–  This service was done in a bit of a non-traditional type of way.  We rarely do services like this, but since we are fairly confident in our ability to deliver results we made special arrangements.  Since this kid was pretty well stacked with money anyhow, we figured that it would be okay to do it this way.  He agreed to pay us a non-refundable deposit of $50K, to quote unquote put our money where our mouth is.  After the service, for us agreeing to do the service this way, he agreed to pay us an additional $450K, which is $200K more than what we normally charged, so we hastily agreed.  He didn’t tell us a thing except for the fact that he wanted to conjure his great-great-grandfather.  You know the expression… money talks “other stuff” walks, so we agreed.
–  This was a very easy-come, easy-go type of service.  The reason we were called in to do it was because Gregory needed to conjure a specific spirit.  This spirit was being very complicated and very hard to conjure.  When it comes to tricky things, we have all the tricks.  We met the client at a pre-determined location.  It was april of 2010 that we met with him.  We agreed not to give out details of the investigation, prior to the meeting with Gregory, as to the whereabouts of the investigation.  Believe me when I tell you, he wasn’t hurting for money in the first place; this sum just added to his collection.
–  We showed up to the client’s location, but we didn’t show up empty-handed.  With us, we brought a manuscript that gave us insights and energies as to time travel.  With these energies, we were able to create time tunnel.  Rather than conjure the old man to us, we determined that we would travel to him.  Gregory agreed that this was a great idea, because the spirit had been so elusive up to this point.  The manuscripts were found in Germany and were once workings of a young Albert Einstein.  When the war was one, some of the Nazis came over to the United States to work in Area 51 on time travel and communication with the aliens.  This great work of Albert Einstein was taken to Area 51.  That being said, we have agents all over who are constantly doing work for us, some of them at the Whitehouse, some of them at the Pentagon.  This one just happened to work at Area 51 and for a pretty hefty some of money, he confiscated this book.  You can go ahead and try to look it up, to see if there are any reports of anything ever going missing, but you won’t find.  Everything that goes on out there is covered up.
–  While we were standing there, Deedee began to hold her hands out over the book.  We didn’t need any third-party people with this one, because the powers were coming from the book and we’ve done things like this hundreds of times.  It was really a synch.  As her hands were held out over the book, small planets began to emerge from the pages, in tiny little galaxies.  Deedee swirled them around in her hands and eventually they began to encompass use.  We watched through the swirl of planets as time regressed to the 1800s.  When we got there we encountered a man in full Confederate get up.  Deedee called out the name of the man who we were conjuring, which Gregory had given us at the beginning of the procedure. A fog came up from the ground and a man appeared in full confederate get-up.  He wouldn’t speak to any of us, only Gregory.  Gregory walked close to him and they turned their back to us.  The man nodded and then Gregory mentioned for us to follow.
–  The man led us maybe a mile and half down a path through the woods to two trees that were clearly marked with a knife.  Conveniently there were several shovels.  Old ones from the 1800s, but shovels none the less.  The man instructed us to dig.  We dug for a little while until we hit the treasure.  There was silver, gold, and several family heirlooms as well some jewels.  Once we were done, the fog came again and the confederate man was gone. Deedee did the same thing from the book and we transported to modern time.  He took the treasure with him, after giving us an adequate explanation.
_  Gregory’s grandfather was one of Mosby’s Raiders.  He was of the seven to whom the confederate soldier entrusted the secrets of the whereabouts of his treasure.  Mosby’s Raiders were notorious for their lightning quick raids of union camps and their ability to elude the Union Army.
–  After one of his raids, the Union army found the Raiders’ whereabout and closed in on him.  He buried some $350,000.00 worth of his plunder.  He entrusted this to his inside crew of what he called his “Lucky Seven.”  You won’t find “Lucky Seven” in history books, because it was a secret group with a safe word for identification.  although Mosby never reclaimed this treasure, he wasn’t going to surrender it either.  It was buried with only the Lucky Seven knowing where it wa kept. The following day the Lucky Seven were all captured and hanged.  Mosby got away, but never returned for the treasure, so this is where it has been ever since.  Gregory’s great-great-grandfather was one of the lucky seven and had led him to the treasure.  Gregory wound up getting over $5M for the treasure; and we were paid the rest of our fees, plus a tip.  It’s not like he was hurting for the money anyway.
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