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These are experiences that some of our clients have requested. This just shows you some of the other things we do at
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–  Most of our customers contact us through the website, but since we have been in business so long there tends to be a great deal of word-of-mouth advertising.  This is actually the most valuable type of advertising, if you ask me.  This means that we have been doing our job, and that is a good thing.  The very same word-of-mouth advertising brought us this customer, as well.  She was referred to us by a person who has already received a transformation service, who wished to keep their name anonymous.  She contacted us via email to ask if it was possible for us to expedite her bizarre request.  She wanted to do what we have dubbed the “Revirginator” transformation.
–  As usual, we do the regular background checks for the woman and the preliminary interview.  It just so happens to be a woman again.    All was going well, so we go ahead and agree to do the transformation.  This particular service is just that– a transformation not an experience type.  I mean, it is an experience nonetheless, but they are understandably leaving the situation by gaining something from this service, versus just being able to conjure and meet.  Most of our services turn into this kind of service anyhow.
–  Once we agree to do the service for the customer, we schedule a date.  This particular date was in the Fall of 2012.  It was some time in October, I can look to see if there is a specific date, but I don’t know it off the top of my head.  As usual, we assist the customer with travel arrangements, help them find a flight, and lodging accommodations, after we set the date.
–  When the time comes, we pick the customer up at the airport.  This one was around 5 in the afternoon.  We don’t necessarily like to make the customer feel rushed, so we agree to have dinner and then give the customer a little bit of free time before we begin the process.  The immortal most compatible with what we were doing for the client was Raviniska, because she is all white light being of knowledge that born of the Sphinx’s paw.  Thus, by this point, we have already made arrangements with her, for her to be there.
–  Our dinner was successful and the client was able to actually hold a dialogue with Raviniska, whom we decided to invite to the dinner for that purpose.  The process always goes smoother for us when everyone is fully acquainted, so this is why we always have these little mixers beforehand.  Dinner was extended into drinks for the customer, who had quite the appetite for Merlot.
–  After dinner, we drop the customer off at her hotel room, then we go to do our own thing for a little while.  Again, we do this as to not rush the customer.  Being flustered is not conducive to any type of astral travel, at all.  We like to have the customer good and relaxed.
–  After a little while, we go to retrieve the customer.  We then take her to this place in New Jersey called Ong’s Hat.  I cannot stress enough that New Jersey is an incredibly supernatural place.  There is a ton of unexplainable occurrences that have taken place.  Ong’s Hat is one of them.
To provide a little bit of history, Ong’s Hat is a ghost town in New Jersey that was once the home of a state of the art facility that was manned by Princeton professors.  These professors were the best in terms of quantum physics and other subatomic studies.  Long story short, taking refuge in the Ong’s Hat, they were able to develop a means of dimensional travel.  They called this device the EGG.  While developing the EGG, much of its energy was released into the atmosphere.  While it isn’t harmful to anyone, this energy is kind of like radiation, in that is just hangs around for a while.  In order to pick up on the energy and really use it, you have to know what you are doing, though.  Not just anybody can show up and use the energy.  This is why we took Raviniska with us.
We show up at Ong’s Hat.  It’s quiet and still.  It’s like you can hear a pin drop, that’s how quiet it is.  We get out of the car and make our way toward the cemetery.  The cemetery at Ong’s Hat is not a known place.  Well, for most people it isn’t.  We know about it only because we have explored this area so many times.  When we get there, Raviniska is already ahead of us.  She has lit candles in the ground, as if we were going to have a séance.  I don’t know what all the candles were about, but that is how white light workers like to get things done.  She says it is a medium by which the energies are channeled into her.  She had to channel the interdimentional travel powers, in order to grant the customers request.
We sat down across from where Raviniska was sitting.  We watched as she chanted some things in a language that was unknown to any of us.  The item that she was holding began to glow in the darkness.  It was then that we knew the item was ready for the customer.  Raviniska instructed to place the ring on her finger.
When the customer put the ring on her finger is when it all started to happen.  Again, fog came up from the ground.  It was so dense that we could barely see our noses in front of our faces.  Off in the distance, we slightly make out the seven figures.  We couldn’t tell if they were hooded or not, as they just stood there.  It didn’t take us long to sense that they were angels.  Not just angels, but guardian angels.  Guardians to the Virgin Mary.
It wasn’t much longer after we notice the angels that the hand of the Virgin Mary herself stuck up out of the ground.  I’m surprised we could even see it at that point.  Raviniska instructed the client to take hold of the virgin’s hand.  When the customer did this, it allowed her to become one with the body of the Virgin Mary– to become Revirginated!  In a post interview, the client told us that this allowed her to astrally travel.  Not only did she get to assume the body of Mary and become one with her existence, but she got to see the entire life of Mary.
The life of Mary flashed before the client’s eyes.  She was able to see all of the events that the rest of us only read about in the Bible.  She saw the angels that would show themselves to Mary.  She saw the birth of the savior, the arrival of the Three Wise Men.  She was able to travel with Mary and experience the miracles that Jesus did for the people.  She saw him raise people from the dead, walk on water, heal the sick, cast out demons.  She was there when Jesus turned the water to wine.  She was also able to see the Crucifixion of the Lord Jesus Christ.  She said she was so close to the cross at Golgotha that some of the blood even dripped on her arm when Jesus called out to God when he took his last breath.
She told us that this piece also permitted her to ask any question of the Virgin Mary and it would be answered.  The Virgin has been given timeless knowledge, as she is the Mother of Christ.  Just like Christ knows all, so does she.  Our client said that there wasn’t a question she asked of the Virgin that she could not or would not answer.  Thus, this transformation also brings about the imparting of all knowledge.
The power of the ring had caused a dimensional rift, whereby the existence of the past and the present were able to merge as one.  This is what caused the ability to see all of these things for our client.  The transformation she received was to become what is called revirginated.  By this process, she was able to heal herself of any wrong doing or iniquities that she might have.  It gave her a spiritual rebirth and baptism of the Holy Fire.  Who knows a child better than His mother?  Thus, Virgin Mary knows all the magic that Jesus has to offer and through revirgination our client was able to obtain all of his power.  Well, it was placed into the ring that was made for her on the spot.
After becoming revirginated, our client reported being able to create miracles just as Christ did while on Earth– she could heal the lame, cast out demons, raise people from the dead, communicate directly with God and all the angels.  We actually experienced the communication part during the service when she called out into the realms in the language of tongues.  Her power has allowed her to ascend into Heaven.  She said it is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to her in her life.  It completely restored her faith and brought her much closer to God.
Additionally, she did become like a virgin again, in more ways than one.  The power reinstated her virginity.  It is important that you become a virgin again when you want to receive the most unadulterated version of white light powers.  This is why she underwent revirgination, which is what she wanted in the first place.  White light power now abounds with her, as it will for anyone who chooses this service.
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