From meeting Satan to time travel-2

These are all different experiences that out clients have asked for and jobs we have done. This gives you an idea of some of the stuff we do for clients and it’s also interesting to know what others are going through. When or if e get updates we do post them.

alien fetus


For the purpose of privacy, all customer information has remained private.  All customers are required to sign a waiver and a non-disclosure form before undergoing any of the involved services.
–  The Customer Contacts Haunted Curiosities either via the website.  She tells us that she has been looking into some of our transformation services, fantasy services, etc.  She tells us that she has a weird request but asks if we will be able to fulfill it.
–  We respond to the customer and ask her what her request is.  She told us that she wished to make contact with an alien being.  This alien being just so happens to be her son that was taken from her while she was still pregnant.  The strange this is that she herself had been abducted prior to the aliens taking her baby.  She was impregnated by the aliens and now they came back to claim what was theirs.  Or else that is what she was under the understanding of.
–  After a thorough screening, background check, and video chat interview, we agree to do the service, contact the appropriate staff members and send her an email back letting her know that we can do the service, but we will need to make arrangements.  This particular service will include Deedee, Lindy, and Steve as the ambassadors.  Tomer will be the one opening the portal.  Of course the customer will be present.  Then there will be the visitors.
–  Email correspondence is held and a date is determined.  We assist the customer with any travel accommodations they may need such as finding a hotel, finding a flight, etc.  We then mark our calendars for the day the customer is to arrive.  In this instance is was the 27 JUNE 2015 at 10AM.
–  On 27 JUNE 2015, we pick the customer up from the Philadelphia International Airport, and take her to the hotel she was staying in off of Interstate 76.  We give her a few hours to get herself together while we go to have lunch.
–  We pick the customer up at 3PM, because we are driving her to New Jersey.  We give her a little bit of a guided tour of places she should know about, just showing her around a little while.  She can ask any questions about the impending service at this time or ask us questions about ourselves.  It really is just a time to get to know the client and her personality.
–  We arrive for our dinner reservations at an undisclosed (for the time being) place.  We have dinner.  We give the customer a few drinks to relax her and put her in the right frame of mind and concentration for the impending service.  If they don’t drink, we just try to have them relax.  After dinner we leave and make our way to where the service will be taking place.  Then the following takes place:
This is an area in New Jersey that serves at a hotbed of supernatural activity.  Aliens have had many interactions with humans at this spot over the years, so we have decided that this would be the perfect area to fulfill the customer’s request.  Prior to the engagement, we got a hold  of Tomer to ask him if he would be able to attend in order to open up the portal.  He agreed.
Upon arriving it was clear that not all parties were present.  We sat in the car with the client.  The air was thick and hot, which we explained to the customer is the perfect weather for what was about to transpire.  For some reason, extraterrestrials seem to be drawn to warm weather.  Well, most of them anyhow.  There are different races that appear at different times throughout the year, but this weather was ideal for the type of alien we were conjuring, so we told the customer that.
Before too long, Deedee mentioned that she noticed an orb of light off in the distance.  She pointed it out to us.  We watched the orb of light float closer and closer until we realized that it was Tomer showing up for business.  At this point, we got the customer out of the car and the consultation with Tomer began.  They sat there and she told him her story about how she was abducted by aliens the prior year and was taken into space.  She recounts her story about how there were bright lights and an alien that completely seized control of her mind.  She couldn’t move, she was completely frozen.  They brought out a weird looking instrument and inserted it inside of her.
She woke up, normally, in her bed the next day.  A week later, she began to feel different.  She went to the doctor who told her she was pregnant.  Being as though she hadn’t been sexually active with anyone, she knew instantly that it must be a result of the abduction.  She had only told a few people about her abduction before she opened up to us.  She cites the fact that she didn’t want people to think that she was crazy, especially now that was claiming to have been impregnated by aliens.  This is why she sought out our help.  We never judged her and never disbelieved her.  We know that things like this happen, all the time.
Our customer was somewhat frightened of the fact that she would be giving birth to alien baby.  She struggled with this fact.  What was more is that she couldn’t understand that after a week or two week’s time, she had grown as big as a full term pregnancy.  That is when she woke up the next day not pregnant at all.  She went to her doctor, who couldn’t explain to her what had happened.  She knew that the aliens had returned to claim the seed that was planted inside of her.
The customer’s desire was to meet her child that was taken from her by the aliens.  In order to do this, we were going to need some help.  The help we received was by none other than the immortal Tomer, who is an ageless vampire.  It is always better when you have the help of Tomer.  His powers are extraordinary.  They are second to none.
Upon showing up, Tomer introduces himself to the client and gives her an amulet of some sort to wear.  He told her that in order for the process to go smoothly she wasn’t going to be able to take the amulet for the entirety of the process, that if she were to take it off once she put it on, the entire process would come to an immediate end.  I guess this kind of served as a safety buffer, as well, just in case anything got out of control.
After giving the customer her amulet, Tomer instructs her to close her eye and he says a few words.  I can’t remember exactly what these words were, but he tells says these words to her.  The reading takes about ten to fifteen minutes, during which Tomer tells the customer not to open her eyes for fear that the process will not work.
When the customer opens her eyes, the process has already begun, as there is fog coming up from the ground, across the water there is a glowing orb./  It is like a pale greenish color and is floating above the water.  The entire time we are doing this service, the glowing orb stays put where it is.  This is because the orb is the entity that provides the magic for the next thing that was about to happen.
As we stood there staring at the orb, it didn’t take too long before we began to feel a presence.  The presence got heavier until from behind us this being appear.  The being had a grayish-green face with sunken in cheeks, normal humanoid eyes and elongated fingers.  It looked slightly similar to an alien you’d be able to see at a costume shop, surprisingly.
The creature identifies himself as the woman’s son who had gone missing.  HE told us that they others looked different then he did, and that is why they had sent him through the portal, once Tomer opened it.  Well, it was the second reason.  The first reason is because Tomer said his conjuring rites in a way to call directly to the person they wished to summoned.  They would have sent him anyhow, because he is the one they have that most closely resembles a human.
After speaking with the mother, the alien reveals that it was never intended for him to stay on Earth.  He then informs her that similar to the way that Jesus was half human half god, he had to be born half human and half alien.  This was to ease the anxieties between the human (those who can see the aliens) race and the alien race.  In a way he was kind of like a human messiah to the aliens, because it took them off of the brink of war.  Granted, they probably would have won the war, but they are peaceable beings that believe all living things deserve to live.
The alien appears to the woman and everyone else that is there is some sort of silvery suit with gadgets on it.  He informs us that he doesn’t have long to stay and that the only reason he was even able to travel back to the Earth in the first place is because he was born there.  He reaches out his hand, with the elongated fingers and places it on his Earth mother’s head.  His hand begins to vibrate on the Earth Mother’s head.  He stays like this for a minute or two.  He explains that what he has just done was a transfer of energy.  He has opened up her third eye so that way when she wishes to communicate with him she can.  He explains that it works like praying, except you talk in your mind directly to him.  He will answer either in sublet signs, visions, dreams, or directly.  He then informs us that is time for us to take the client back, that he needs to speak to Tomer about an urgent matter.
After this, we pile the customer back into the car and drive her back to the hotel.
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