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What you will find in these blog posts are unusual services that have already been completed by clients of ours.

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I have decided to post some of the client services that have been done over the years. This will give you more of an idea of all we do and allow you to interact with each other on the forum. You may copy and post these to forum if you wish to discuss them. In conversations if posted it was because the client allowed us to record them. If not then we just wrote it up in our own words. No clients name is placed here unless they allow us to.


Itinerary for the Conjuring of Satan
–  As per our standard operating procedures the customer contacts us via the website.  Her request is pretty extravagant, even for us to pull off.  More on this later.
–  After we receive the request, we determine that we are able to entertain it.  We interview the client *very carefully* in this instance, because we aren’t in the business of entertaining fanatical religious nuts– you’ll understand later.  We go over our preparations and determine what is going to take place.  We call the customer back and discuss arrangements.  It turns out she is from overseas.
–  We assist the customer in finding proper travel arrangements, lodging, and transportation once she is in the United States.  We have determined that the place we are going to hold our resurrection is in the Virginia Piedmont.
–  A little background on the Virginia Piedmont area.   It was the place where the 5.8 magnitude quake of 2011 took place.  The media has donned this quake as something that has happened naturally, but we know differently.  There are all kinds of under ground research facilities near the Virginia Piedmont region.  The government has been doing research in these places for years and years from time an dimensional travel, to mind control experiments, to weather experiments, to nuclear experiments.  Think about it, the shakes were felt 150 miles away.  Up until this point there hadn’t been a series of tectonic events that were felt more that 36 miles away, with an occasional and very rare exception.  The Virginia Piedmont earthquake was no natural happening.  It was a government experiment gone wrong.  The result is an open dimension rift.  Since this time, we have had clients flooding our in boxes with reports of monsters in the woods, floating lights at night time, and lights that dart around in the sky, among other seriously frightening claims.  One client even claimed that he saw an army of demons ascending the mountains while he was on a camping trip, but he hid from them for two days while reciting the Lords Prayer over and over again.  This is what got our wheels turning on expediting our customers request in this area.  Why not use this area, which already has a dimension opening, to pull something through to our dimension??
–  This time, the client’s particular request is actually quite odd, as nobody has really ever come to us to ask us something like this before.  At first we didn’t know whether to be scared or whether we should admire her stunning heart of gold.  Her request was simply but astonishing.  She wanted to conjure Satan, to lead him back into the light.  Understand that this lady is a super religious woman.  She is probably one of the most devout Christians I have ever met, short of being one of those nuns who aren’t even allowed contact with the outside world.  I have a cousin like that and she’s super old.  She’s not even allowed to hug her family.  This lady was seriously only like two steps away from that.
–  We make sure that we have all of our employees on board.  We determine that the right person for this job was probably going to be Tomer, given his extensive background in opening up portals and dealing with beings from other realms.  Besides this, Tomer’s powers are pretty much unparalleled.  Well, at least we have yet to meet any entity that can rival them.  We felt safer with him at the helm of the conjuring, so this is another reason why chose Him.  There really was no getting ready for something like this.  We pretty much just knew what we had to do and we had to get it done.
-The customer flew into Richmond International, so this is also the place that she decided to stay.  We also stayed in Richmond, because we figured that it would be easier to be close to our client.  When she arrived it was the early hours of the morning, but she had arranged for a early check in or late check in, whatever it was considered to be at 4AM in the morning.  We picked her up and transported her to her hotel.  The plan was for her to be well rested, so we could pick her up for dinner the following evening.
–  The following evening, we pick our client up for dinner.  We take her out, we all have a good time.  In fact, we spend a lot of time with each other, because we have it planned to only open the portal at 3am, being that this is considered to be the witching hour of the Devil and all of his buffoons.  We have a few drinks, we do some touring of the local area.  This was all done withTomer present, because we wanted the customer to be acquainted with Tomer.
–  Before we leave to reach our destination, Tomer gives us pieces that he tells us not to take.  He explains they are white light shields that he acquire from when he was working with a monk in Tibet.  He said they were some of the most powerful protection pieces that he owned and insisted that we keep them.  We also give the customer an empty vessel to wear around her neck, should we find any random power floating around in the atmosphere, other than what we came for.  She spent 300K, so we wanted to make sure that she got a full experience.
–  We arrive at our destination.  Tomer begins to set up the investigative area.  He makes a rather large pentagram out of salt, bit enough so that all of the people who were part of the investigation could fit inside, and then probably even more.  These are the supplies he carried with him.  where the star met that outside edges of the circle, he lit a candle.  There were five candles lit around the outside of the circle in totally.  The sixth was lit in the center, where Tomer said the powers would converge.  It was the sixth candle because that is the number of the beast– 666.
–  Tomer opens a book and begins to read from it.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but later he told me it was in Aramaic, the original language of the Bible.  As he nears the end of his passage, the flame from the candles begin to get larger and larger and then when he is done they shoot straight up into the sky, at least ten feet tall.  Then we hear this deep groaning.  From out of the trees comes this looming figure.  He isn’t quite pitch black as we can see him move.  He didn’t have red eyes, like is depicted in most movies.  Rather his eyes were entire black and you could see the reflection of the flame dance in his eyes.
–  At this the poor lady was nearly scared to death.  She was shaking and holding on to Steve’s arm like the Earth was about to stop spinning.  The creature loomed closer and closer, and you could smell the scent of nasty rotting flesh– or something like that– emanating from the creature.  She begins to address him in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.  She started rambling on about how she fought demons such as him before and she isn’t afraid to fight them again.  Now, if she was fighting demons, this is something she left out at the interview because we didn’t know anything about that.  Anyway, she lunges forward at him, suddenly forgetting she is afraid.  Tomer steps in front of her and warns her that the dimensional portal was open, that if she stepped outside of the circle there was a chance her souls could be lost in limbo somewhere forever.  She took a step back and started spouting off again, this time with the Lord’s Prayer.  I’m not sure if she was fighting some type of imaginary demons before or she really thought that this was all it was going to take, but it wasn’t working.
–  The entity began laughing and extorted at the woman, “Silence, Lady I already know why you’ve come.”
Client:  “I’ve come to reclaim your soul in the name of the Father!  Bow to the name of the Father!!”
Satan:  “Foolish lady, don’t you understand?  People need me, without me, no reason would exist to be no reason to live in the light!”
Client:  “You are an infidel and a traitor.  In the name of the God of Abraham and Isaac, I command you, come into the light!!”
Satan:  “Silence Lady, you cannot bring me into the light.  I am already in the light.  I also exist in the dark.  Don’t you think God knew what he was doing?  People like you need the dark in order to follow the light.  Jesus is the Light of the World.  I am the darkness that exists all around him.  It is because of me that His existence is necessary.  He is knowledge, but I am existence.  Why do you think that it says in the Bible that it is as easy a camel getting through the needle of an eye to get into Heaven?  Because the knowledge of light can only extend so far.  The knowledge of darkness extends for ever.  Just as I was second in command in Heaven, I am second in command over all of existence.  God rule the light, I rule the dark, but in the end, when the New Jerusalem falls, there will be no darkness and there will be no light.  It will be total dual existence and one universal power.”
With this we were all sent into visions, where Satan shed his outer “dark” skin and within him was the universal light.  The knowledge of this was necessary, because if you are going to rule the opposite force, you must know your enemy.  We were taken by the Hand of Satan back to the time when He existed as Lucifer.  We saw the splendor of Heaven and twinkling of a billion that belonged to God.  Lucifer was provoked by true knowledge of ALL things– both light and dark– and God didn’t like this, so he condemned Him, to make him suffer. Thus, good won, because Good always wins out against evil.  Light always illuminates the dark.  Dark cannot exist where there is light.  SO, this is why there was an impending war in Heaven and 1/3 of the angels who were curious and desired true knowledge; but again, Dark cannot be where light is, so the war they wagered was lost.
We were cast into a spirit journey where we fell with Satan into the Lake of fire and brimstone.  Actually, this is more metaphorical than anything.  It is just a total dark place devoid of anything.  Yes there are dark powers, but there is no light in the dark to give you hope.  This is why the powers of the dark are condemned.  The are powerful, but fruitless because who wants dark powers when there are no light powers to give them hope and peaceful existence?  This is what Hell is and those who stray from God for curiosity’s sake will be cast into this “lake” of true knowledge.  They will be given all the knowledge the want, with the lack of hope.  Dual power is the merging of these two powers, which according to what we were told is going to occur at the End Times when the Jesus returns to reign over everything– all powers– both dark and light.  This is why he was sent to be a mortal, so he could live in sin and in Heaven, this way all of creation could be given to him– both the light and dark and he could reign eternally over both.
During our vision, we were taken to Hall of Records, where we were shown the end times.  There was widespread pandemonium and dissent.  People were being tortured and trouble lurked behind ever corner.  Towns were ablaze, as there was some type of nuclear war transpiring.  There were plagues, famines, and people had abandoned all hope in a world that no longer relied on light and truth because they were so far gone, the light didn’t shine in.  After this we were put back into reality where we had traveled from.  The entity bellowed out, “666 is my number and is the number of ALL knowledge, and with this number, shall you know all things.”  Our client yelled out as the item on her chest became burning hot.  It eventually cooled down, but the client has a scare till this day, but she doesn’t really mind because is a memento of her experience.  After this the candles went completely out and the entity was gone.
In post-service interviews, the client said that she could feel the power that was place into her item on a daily basis.  She said the power comes in the form an knowledge entity that actually shows itself to her and speaks knowledge to her.  It shows her visions and allows her to see things that no other human could possibly see.  She was taken to the time of the Apocalypse and she has described this to us in full detail.  She was taken to the End Time where she was shown the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.  She was shown the End of the World in Further detail.  She was shown the second Coming of Christ; she was taken to the New Jerusalem; she has been to the Garden of Eden many times in the form of the Serpent and has climbed the Tree of Knowledge.  She is full of dual light, has acquired numerous magical powers, has traveled to many different dimensions and has gained immortality.  All-in-all her service was a success.
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