Cimmerian Mourning

Cimmerian Mourning

Part 1

Teetering on the edge of falling into total darkness she sat quietly. Surrounded by darkness she felt her head caving in. The weirdness was taking over and it was bad. Watching people and wondering why they were alive wasn’t helping, or thoughts of helping them along to the afterlife.

Like a Gnudebloodyrim reaper she waited in night to take the life of some freak she felt didn’t deserve to live. Her toes felt the edge and she jumped. Cutting off his freakish head wasn’t as easy as she first thought but it felt great!  As she ran her hands through the blood she wondered if she would move onto mall shootings. She knew she wouldn’t though because it wasn’t the direct contact that she needed to feel she was accomplishing.

How many bodies did he want before resurrection would occur? Never having killed anyone before she thought she would feel off or something like insanity but instead she felt fine, great in fact. She was scared because of just how much she liked it. Telling herself it was helping the person she was trying to bring back live in a better world and she did believe it.

With every person she took out or put down she was closer to bringing him back. She felt sick to her stomach how family members died and people just moved on like no big deal. Since no one else cared she shouldn’t care about picking some bastards off. What did it matter, people would just move on after dividing all they owned. She thought about getting a list going but most people disgusted her anyway so there was no shortage of people to kill.

Weeks went by with many being killed as her bloodlust grew. Thin-lipped, small eyed, serpentine looking foul humans were destroyed; happiness ensued.

What would happen next is anyone’s guess.

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